Dance Theatre of Ireland produces work which is physically dynamic, visually arresting and musically inspiring. With choreography by Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick, DTI Artistic Directors as well as distinguished international choreographers, the Company tours nationally & internationally. Dance Theatre of Ireland’s Centre for Dance was officially opened in 2001 by President Mary McAleese where the Company is now based in Dun Laoghaire.


REPERTOIRE (Full Length works)

Every Little Step... the rhythm of hope (2011)

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick (IRL) and Maxine Lyle (USA)

Dancers: Angela L. Brackett, Robert Connor, Heather 'Eko' DeLeon, Adrienne Heaslip, Maxine Lyle, Brian McCollum, Marc Stevenson, Andrew Vickers

Every Little Step is a collaboration between Dance Theatre of Ireland and Soul Steps Company (NYC), featuring African-American Stepping, Irish and urban rhythms, modern dance and storytelling. With dancers from both companies, it draws on exhilarating body percussion, sheer human energy and touches on the ways people sustain in good times and in bad. Premiering Nov 17-20 in New York at Joyce SoHo. Supported by Culture Ireland's Imagine Ireland, a year-long season of Irish arts in America.


Handle With Care (2009-10)

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick.

Dancers: Mirjam Gurtner, Cosimo de Tomaso, Iker Arrue, Laura Vilar Dolc; Music: Matisyahu, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Thomas Newman 

Handle with Care is a quartet underpinned by reflections on the many transformations of love, vulnerable and ecstatic states and the fine line between love and loss, life and death.


Parallel Horizona/Under the Roof (2008)

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick (Parallel Horizons)

Choreography: In-Young Sohn (Under the Roof)

Dancers: Jazmin Choidi, Alexandre Iseli, Lise Manavit, Jon Morley, Byung Hwa Kim,Ju Jin Shin, Min Young Park, Seung Kwan Yu; Original Music: Rory Pierce, performed by Nick Bailey, Lee Il Woo, Bo-mi Kim & Rory Pierce; Costumes: Nicola McCutcheon, Min Chun Hong; Digital Sceneography: Suzanne Mooney; Lighting Design: Ron Smith, Choi Hyung Lo; Dramaturg: Lee Jae Whan; Set Design: Lee Sung Hee.

Dance Theatre of Ireland and the NOW Dance Company Korea created this original double-bill which premiered at the Seoul Performing Arts Festival in Sept 20, 2008, touring Korea & Ireland, featuring 12 dancers & musicians (playing live) from both companies. Two cultures, two traditions, two unique music and dance histories, traditional and contemporary.

Parallel Horizons contrasts the stillness and serenity associated with Asian and Celtic ways, with the modern obsession, (to compete, to possess, to succeed, to survive) and its concurrent busyness and hurry. A fast flowing work featuring a Celtic/Korean digital Tiger (accompanied by a 150 year old Korean Harmonica). The opposite of Chaos is Eros, the urge to be together, an ideal, an instinct that remains in our deepest selves. This -- and the poems of Korean Poet Ko Un (Nobel Prize Nominee) “Flowers of a Moment”-- are the background of Parallel Horizons.

Under the Roof depicts a roof and a fence that symbolize the concept of "one" or "family" in the individual but also collective sense. The work examines our relationships with each other, and time. Different seasons (of the year), different times (in the day, and during our lives), bring a different energy to our encounters and perspectives. Under the Roof represents home, a place where we rest, wrap our solitude, or can be soothed and revitalized.


Block Party! ( 2007) Touring 2008-2012

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick

Dancers: Adam Murphy, Khyle Eccles, Cosimo De Tommaso, Kathleen Doherty and Jessica Rowell; Design: Andrew Clancy. Music composed by: Robbie Harris touring with Brian Fleming, Hugh O'Byrne and Robert Connor

Block Party! is a playful performance for Public Spaces. Merging the worlds of dance, music and architecture, with roving dancers and musicians, flying blocks, vanishing structures and instant architecture - it’s a Block Party! Five dazzling dancers, plus explosive percussion played live, perform this movable feast for the eyes and the senses. An Outdoor Spectacle presenting a vibrant world of colour and play with 32 giant-sized Toy Blocks, creating designs more clever than a Rubik’s Cube on pointe. A performance for the whole family.


Slow Down (2007)

Choreography: Martine Pisani (FR)

Dancers: Robert Connor, Lee Davern, Eneko Balerdi Eizmendi, Alex Iseli, Karl Pacquemar, Tania Pieri; Costumes: Nicola McCutcheon; Lighting: Ludovic Riviere/Paddy McLoughlin

In this playground for six dancers, and with jubilant detachment, Slow Down explores the insignificant troubles, the practical jokes, the awkwardness, and the barricades that make human relationships come alive. Six characters reveal secrets and obstacles of a public performance during a stage séance, outlining what it means, "to be on the stage". Their hesitation, lost orientation, inarticulate declarations, and even sophisticated movement sequences in a "non-dance" style, discretely find irony in the everyday demands of discipline, creativity, concentration and ardour. Deliciously fun.


Exodus/Grand Junction (2006)

Choreography Exodus: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick (Irl)

Choreography Grand Junction: Charles Linehan (UK)

With Dancers Robert Connor, Avril Murphy, Karl Pacquear, Melanie Nezereau, Lise Manavit, Brendan O’Connor, Aneta Szydlak. Original Music: Rory Pierce, Julian Swales, Nye Parry. Video Projections: Suzanne Mooney. Lighting: Kevin Smith. Costumes: Nicola McCutcheon.


In a context where “immigration” has come to mean “border control”, people are moving (legally or illicitly) all over the world. What do we bring with us? What do we leave behind? How do we encounter another? Exodus features an international cast of 6 dancers, digital scenography by Suzanne Mooney and original music by Rory Pierce. 

Grand Junction is a signature work by eminent UK choreographer Charles Linehan acclaimed for its eloquence and masterful attention to detail.


WaterMark (2005)

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick

Original Music: Rory Pierce. Additional Music: David Yoken. Sound Sculpture: Linda O’Keeffe. Dancers: Stephane Hisler, Styliani Lamprinou, Melanie Nezereau, Hildur Ottarsdottir & Karl Paquemar. Lighting: Mark Galione. Costumes: Veerle Dehaene. Video: Suzanne Mooney.

Inspired by the elemental liquid, Water and with a stunning live water wall set design and intricate, astonishingly fluid movement, this remarkable work is informed by the many ways that water moves…toward, through, around and away…from land, our bodies, our lives… deluge, drought, power, beauty, sacred, desecrated...the stain left behind...

“Boundary surfaces are everywhere the places where living, formative processes can find a hold...where the life forces are mysteriously present. In the midst of flowing movement, forms arise, not through differentiation of substance, but simply through the interplay of currents and their forces.” Theodor Schwenk, Sensitive Chaos: The Creation of Flowing Forms in Water & Air. 

The new work features digital scenography by Suzanne Mooney, and original music and sound by Rory Pierce, Linda O’Keefe and David Yoken.




Between You & Me (2004)

Choreography Scorpios: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick (Ireland), Willi Dorner (Austria), Philippe Saire (Switzerland), Alexandre Iseli & Marie-Françoise Garcia (Switzerland/France)

With Dancers: Robert Connor, Karl Paquemar, Melanie Nezereau, Alexandre Iseli, Marie-Françoise Garcia, Mike Winter ;Original Music: Dara O'Brien, Heinz Ditsch, Gerard Maimone; Lighting: Mark Galione; Costumes: Suzanne Cave.

An intimate and powerful programme of duets by DTI Artistic Directors Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick, Swiss Choreographer Phillippe Saire, Austrian Willi Dorner, and Alex Iseli & Marie Francoise Garcia (CH/FR).

Robert & Loretta's riveting and sensual duet Scorpios features dancers Karl Pacquemar & Melanie Nezereau and original music composed & performed live by Dara O'Brien. Willi Dorner's work Intertwining for 2 men is a dance thriller: gutsy, dynamic and full of contrasts. Philippe Saire's work examines the irrepressible desire for two to become one. And Alex Iseli & Mairie Francoise Garcia's work is a movement language rich in intelligence and ease.


As A Matter of Fact (2003)

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick


Original Music, played live: Dara O'Brien; Additional original music: Fran Hegarty; Text: Joe O'Byrne, Loretta Yurick: Video & graphic imagery: Tenteki (Switzerland); Dancers: Gillian Beauchamp, Emma O'Kane, Vanessa Spinassa, Carl Paquemar, Astero Styliani Lamprinou, Angel Zotes Ramos

Time management, cost of living, products of more than one country. Meanderings of the modern day mind. From the annals of Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks, to the latest Quality of Life reports this production by Dance Theatre of Ireland explores the cross pollination of word and image …contradictions, communications, secrets, astonishing fluidity, clinical precision… and the best dancing in Ireland. Think physical, think fast. With live music and an impressive list of Irish & international collaborators. Set in a 3-dimensional world by Swiss artists, Tenteki.


The Simulacra Stories (2002)

Choreography: Joanne Leighton (Belgium)

Music: Peter Crosbie Lighting: Trevor Ahearn; Costumes: Anne Gregory; Dancers: Robert Connor, Marie-Francoise Garcia, Adriana Sulzer-Goncalves, Alexandre Iseli, Styliani Lamprinou, Edouard Pelleray

Drawing it's inspiration from the work of Swiss architect Bernard Tshumi, The Simulacra Stories, is also fed by literary and cinematic sources to create a powerful contemporary multi-textured work featuring original music and soundscapes by Peter Crosbie. Features an outstanding international cast of six dancers performed with the audience on four sides.


Prism (2002)

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick

Music: Conor Curran, Judith Ring, The Art of Noise, Marc Kasai-Royal and others; Animation: Dennis Kenny and Tim Hawkins; Lighting: Mark Galione; Costumes: Marc O' Neill; Motion Capture: Dr. Kieran Moran; Dancers: Blanca Arrieta, Niamh Condron, Marie -Françoise Garcia, Adriana Sulzer-Goncalves, Alexandre Iseli, Edouard Pelleray.

Visually beautiful and inventive, PRISM fuses dance, music and digital animation in a colourful blend of imagery and movement. Using motion captured, on-screen choreography, projecting virtual dancers with live dancers, PRISM paints an ever changing motional landscape, structured on and informed by the spectral colours of refracted white light.


RE:Lease Me (2002)

Choreography: Niamh Condron

Music: Art of Noise; Costumes: Marc O'Neill; Lighting: Marc O'Neill

A new solo exploring personal identity performed by Niamn Condron


Evidence (2001)

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick

Lighting: Mark Galione Costumes: Courtney Davies. Dancers: Blanca Arrieta, Stefano Botto, JJ Formento, Niamh Condron, Adriana Sulzer-Goncalves, Cosimo de Tommaso.

"Part modern dance, part theatre, part performance art, part installation, EVIDENCE is an experience not to be missed.the movements are simply mesmerising.breathtaking.a powerful evening's entertainment..leave(s) you speechless but the images will remain with you long after the lights go down. Unmissable." Cristin Leach, RTE ACE, Arts, Culture & Entertainment

"EVIDENCE is a visually beautiful piece inspired by the four elements: air, fire, earth and water.a successful blend of dance and technology..." Paul Clancy, The Irish Times


Cha-Cha-Cha d'Exil & A Question of Distance (2001)

Choreography: Charles Cre-Ange & Philippe Saire

Lighting: Marc Galione/Charles Cre-Ange; Set design: Charles Cre-Ange; Costumes: Marc O' Neill/Charles Cre-Ange. Dancers: Blanca Arrieta, Stefano Botto, JJ Formento, Niamh Condron, Robert Connor, Robert Jackson.

Cha-Cha-Cha d'Exil (Charles Cre-Ange) exposes a raw edge to the risk of being, driven by the music of Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Cake and the Buena Vista Social Club.

A Question of Distance (Philippe Saire) is a playful deliberation on the politics and poetry of personal space; where closeness is defined by intent and "no touching" has a sensuous delight.


Only Human (2000)

Choreography Robert Connor in collaboration with Loretta Yurick and the dancers

Original music: Fran Hegarty; Lighting: Marc Galione; Set design: Robert Connor; Costumes: Marc O' Neill; Dancers: Muirne Boomer, JJ Formento, Niamh Condron, Romain Guion, Olwen Grindley, Robert Jackson. Live Video Capture: Sheelagh Honan.


Pushing the boundaries of intricacy and physicality in a setting of stark beauty, Only Human mines the heartbeat of emotion with a range of vivid kinetic textures, creating a dance whose narrative is generated by the sheer force of the movement and the power of the performers. A seamless union of dance, original music, and compelling projections; executed with multi-layered precision



Soul Survivor (1999)

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick


Dancers: Murine Bloomer, Robert Connor, JJ Formento, Olwen Grindley and Robert Jackson. Music: Fran Hegarty & John Ryan; Video: Tim Redfern Digital Media Centre, DIT; Lighting: Mark Galione; Costumes: Marc O’Neill; Additional Music: Meredith Monk, Arvo Part & John Taverner.

Choreography which explores the world of technology and dance, with great special effects-yet is not driven by them; remarkable non virtual presences on stage-a world where the human spirit and technology converge.elegant, subtle, continually engaging.             



Made To Measure (1999)

Choreography: Rui Horta

Music: Mozart/Koen Brandt & Norbert Zacharias/Les Tambours des Bronx ; Lighting: Rui Horta; Costumes: Kathy Brunner/Anne Gregory. Dancers: Stefano Botto, Muirne Bloomer, Robert Connor, JJ Formento, Olwen Grindley, and Erich Rudolph.

Three works, each different, exhilarating and thrilling, playful and serene, vivid and razor sharp movement that surprises and delights, relentlessly physical with stunning visual effects, moments of real power and breathtaking crescendo. Featuring three works: Wolfgang, bitte, Pocket Ocean and Ordinary Events.


Tombs (1998)

Choreogaphy: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick / Suzy Blok & Chris Steel (Neatherlands)

Original Music: Pol Brennan; Lighting: Paul Keogan; Costumes: Sabine Dargent; Set Design: Fiona Leech; Dancers: Muirne Bloomer, Suzy Blok, Inge Buyls, Robert Connor, Richard Knight, JJ Formento, Chris Steel and Loretta Yurick.


Inspired by and set within the backdrop of Ireland's megalithic sites, TOMBS is a double act, reflecting two sets of dynamics-the sacred and the profane, old and new, mystical and modern.



Like Water Flowing East (1997)    

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick

Original Music: John Ryan/Adam Lynch/Eugene Murphy/Thom Willems; Lighting: Paul Keogan; Costumes: Helen McCusker; Dancers: Muirne Bloomer, Robert Connor, Ella Clarke, JJ Formento, Samuel Letellier and Loretta Yurick.

Distilling a vocabulary of water into the motional energy of human relationships.


Jours Etranges (1997/99)

Choreography: Dominique Bagouet (Les Carnets Bagouet)

Music: The Doors Lighting: Serge Dees and Paul Keogan; Costumes: Les Carnets Bagouet; Dancers: Murine Bloomer, Robert Connor, Liz Roche, Samuel Letellier, James Hosty and Loretta Yurick.

Revealing the humour, passions, innocence and sensuality of the 60's & 70's; a cast of characters-gentle, helpless monsters. Straight out of a psychedelic nightclub. 


Body Travels Time (1996)

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick

Original Music: John Ryan; Lighting: Steve McManus; Dancers: Muirne Bloomer, Robert Connor, Sean Dwyer, JJ Formento, Niki Hart and Loretta Yurick, Costumes: Helen McCusker and Mary Donnelly.


Premiered at The Place Theatre London, selected for the Bagnolet Competiton; a collage on the body, as a means for human interaction or isolation.



Deseo (1996)

Choreography: Blok & Steel (Amsterdam)


Music: Gang of Four, Balanescu Quartet, Prodigy, Flaming Lips and Nino Rota; Costumes: Helen McCusker; Lighting: Stephen McManus; Dancers: Robert Connor, Muirne Bloomer, JJ Formento, Sean Dwyer, Niki Hart and Loretta Yurick.


In Spanish "Deseo" means "I Wish." A smart head jolt of an evening. An humorous riotous of flirtatious ooze, contact acrobatics and raunchy funk-the-philosophy yee-hoor.



Deserts d'amour (1995/96)

Choreography: Dominique Bagouet (Les Carnets Bagouet)


Music: Tristan Murail/ Mozart K136, 167, 138; Lighting: Jacques Chatelet, Rupert Murray; Costumes: Maritza Gligo; Dancers: Muirne Bloomer, Robert Connor, Justine Doswell, Sean Dwyer, Karim Karim, Jane Price, Liz Roche, Darryl Sheppard and Loretta Yurick. (JJ Formento & Jenny Roach 1996 production).

One of Bagouet's masterpieces in choreographic writing. A work for nine dancers which was invited to open the 1996 Montpellier International Danse Fesival - transporting us into a world of contemporary baroque.


Bonefire (1995)   

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick

Music: John Ryan; Set Design: Ian McNicholl, Lighting Design: Rupert Murray; Costumes: Marc O'Neill; Dancers: Muirne Bloomer, Robert Connor, Sean Dwyer, Darryl Sheppard, Jane Price and Loretta Yurick.

Inspired by the W.B. Yeats play, "The Dreaming of the Bones"; "Have not old writers said that dizzy dreams can spring from the dry bones of the dead?" Featuring a solid wall of masks, set against a backdrop of the political climate in Ireland.



Fuchsia (1993/94)

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick


Original Music: John Ryan; Lighting: Paul Keogan; Set: Ian McNichol; Costumes: Mary Donnelly; Projected Photos: Tony Higgins; Dancers: Muirne Bloomer, Robert Connor, JJ Formento, Martin Bowes, Jenny Roche and Loretta Yurick.

"FUCHSIA .in Irish 'Deora De'- God's Tears

"FUCHSIA.the flower.exquisite yet ordinary

"FUCHSIA.the color passion

" original dance theatre creation



Dances in Dreams (1992)

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick


Original Music: John Ryan, Michael Seaver, Donal Hurley; Design: Robert Ballagh; Lighting: Rupert Murrray; Costumes: Paul McCauley/Helen Kiersey; Dancers: Muirne Bloomer, Robert Connor, JJ Formento, Karim Karim, Rachel Lampert, Jenny Roche and Loretta Yurick.

"I'm going to plant a heart in the earth, water it with love from a vein." (RosarioMurillo)

Examining our relationship with the Earth and each other. Using images which evoke and contrast ancient forms and modern tensions, the ritualistic episodes unfold within the sparse mountainous landscape of visual artist Robert Ballagh and lit superbly by Rupert Murray (Riverdance).


Touching the Moon (1991)

Choreography: Janet Smith (UK)

Original Music: Michael Seaver; Set: Robert Ballagh; Lighting: Rupert Murray; Costumes: Chisato Yoshimi; Poetry: Seamus Heany; Dancers: Robert Connor, Sean Feldman, Rachel Lampert, Jeffrey Fox, Cathy O'Kennedy, Jenny Roche and Loretta Yurick.

That feeling of knowing, being guided by intuition. Knowing without reason-for which the Moon is a metaphor is sometimes lost in today's world. Touching the Moon, touches that place--using poetry of Seamus Heaney and original music played live by an ensemble of six.



Freedom's Gait (1990)

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick

Music: John Dunne & Eugene Murphy; Lighting: Rupert Murray; Design: Nigel Rolfe; Costumes: Mary Donnelly; Dancers: Mags Byrne, Robert Connor, Ming Yam Low, Laura Macken, Sam Usher, Antje Rose and Loretta Yurick.


"Never could I have imagined that a Dance Company could so eloquently and so movingly capture and articulate so many of the thoughts, feelings and moments of heightened reality that made up the larger part of my four and one-half years captivity...I thank the Dance Theatre of Ireland for translating into movement those inarticulate moments and experiences…in a sense confirming that we are never alone." Brian Keenan



La Beaute des Fleurs (1989)

Choreography: Pierre Doussaint/Isabelle Dubouloz;

Winner-Prix de Bagnolet.

Music: Pierre Modier; Lighting: Walter Pace; Set: Doussaint/Dubouloz; Dancers: Muirne Bloomer, Antje Rose, Loretta Yurick, Robert Connor, Jeffrey Fox, James Smith


An inspired depiction of the Power, Energy & Spirit of Nature. Nominated for the Sunday Tribune Arts Award.




Hopelessly Helixed 1995

Choreography: Jerry Pearson; Music: Michael O'Suilleabhain; Lighting: Stephen McManus; Costumes: Mary Donnelly; Dancers: Sean Dwyer, Jane Price, Robert Connor, Loretta Yurick.


Licks its lips and chews its gums 1995

Choreography: Liz and Jennifer Roche; Original Music: Denis Roche; Lighting: Stephen McManus; Costumes: Mary Donnelly; Dancers: Liz Roche, Jenny Roche, Trudi Radburn and John Bateman.



Angel Land 1995

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick;

Original Music: John Ryan; Lighting: Stephen McManus; Costumes: Mary Donnelly. Dancers: Liz Roche, Muirne Bloomer, Loretta Yurick, Aisling Doyle.



Trembling on a Limb 1994            

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick;

Original Music: John Ryan; Lighting: Paul Keogan; Costumes: Mary Donnelly. Dancers: Michael Keegan Dolan, JJ Formento, Loretta Yurick, Robert Connor, Jenny Roche.



BYTE! 1993        

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick;

Original Music: John Ryan, Lighting: Paul Keogan; Costumes: Loretta Yurick. Dancers: Jenny Roche, Loretta Yurick, Robert Connor.



Enough 1992      

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick;

Original Music: Donal Hurley; Lighting: Paul Keogan; Costumes: Marie Tierney. Dancers: Loretta Yurick, Robert Connor,Rachel Lambert, Jeffrey Fox.



Weigh the Heart against a Feather 1991

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick;

Lighting: Paul Keogan; Original Music: John Ryan; Costumes: Marc O'Neill. Dancers: Loretta Yurick, Robert Connor, Rachel Lambert, JJ Formento



Full Moon 1990

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick;

Original Music: Eugene Murphy; Costumes: Mary Donnelly. Dancers: Amanda McDermot, Laura Macken, Loretta Yurick, Mags Byrne.



Remnants 1989

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick;

Original Music: Eugene Murphy; Costumes: Gabrielle O'Brien. Dancers: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick.

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