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A film version of Dance Theatre of Ireland's 1999 creation SOUL SURVIVOR was selected for screening:

May 2000: Temple Bar, Dublin: Darklight Digital Film Festival, Irish Film Institute.

November 10, 2000: Dresden, Germany CYNETart, Festival of computer-support art and interdisciplinary media projects, Fiestspielhaus 0049(0)351 340 00 33 LIVE PERFORMANCE

December 14-16, 2000 Belfort France : The International Multi Media Urban Arts Festitval "Nuits Savoureuses"


Quicktime movies

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Dance Screenings & Video Projects using Digital Media

The 28-minute video of Dance Theatre of Ireland's SOUL SURVIVOR was composed by Tim Redfern, Dublin Institute of Technology, Digital Media Centre, who provided 3-d graphics for the production.

The Video of Soul Survivor combines digital video of the performance piece with the original graphics and projections to re-create a new kind of theatrical performance on-screen. The projected imagery in SOUL SURVIVOR is composed of 3D computer animation, digitally treated timelapse video, automatically web-gathered imagery and digitally captured human movement (via motion-capture) with Edinburgh Virtual Environment Centre. The projections were composited using a desktop broadcast video workstation.

Soul Survivor, choreographed by Dance Theatre of Ireland's Artistic Directors Robert Connor and Loretta Yurick, was made possible through the support of The Arts Council, DIT's Digital MediaCentre, EDVEC (Edinburgh Virtual Environment Centre) and SANYO. Dancers: Murine Bloomer, JJ Formento, Robert Connor, Olwen Grindley and Robert Jackson; Music: Fran Hegarty & John Ryan; Costumes: Marc O'Neil and Lighting: by Mark Galione

" ....Dance Theatre of Ireland is among the most important explorers in the field of digital art" Ballet International (Nov. 2000)

Ch. Robert Connor 2000

Projected real time video projections of the performers create a subtle backdrop to the dance. Shooting at a slow shutter speed, the movements blur with swift motion and--with a strange stop/start quality-- become whispy abstractions of the kinetic gestures.

"We have come to expect a lot from Dance Theatre of Ireland. This latest show is one of their best..splendid soundscape and dancing...beautiful."
Don Smith, Evening Herald

"A strongly visual and subtle new work .an exciting new departure for the array of visual delights and a parade of focused dancing .
MacReamoinn, The Sunday Tribune

"ONLY HUMAN" shows many signs of being 'human' in some of the best possible ways..excellent dancers.all fluid, fluent, highly worked bodies .ample supplies of good dancing. a delight to watch."

". a gigantic white canvas on three sides. .intricate long shadows thrown by the dancers. flooded by Mark Galione's alternately blue, violet, yellow and red lighting . and mutated (at times) into a giant movie screen.."
Mulrooney, What's On Where (WOW)

"Dancing the Light Fantastic...Sustained applause well deserved for the athletic and controlled performances of the six dancers.fine dramatic score.stylish black costumes by Marc O'Neill.well worth seeing."
Swift, Irish Times

Ch. Robert Connor; Original Music: Fran Hegarty; Design: Robert Connor; Lighting: Marc Galione; Costumes: Marc O'Neil;
Video Capture: Sheelagh Honan; Dancers: Muirne Bloomer, Robert Connor, Niamh Condron, JJ Formento, Romain Guion, Olwen Grindley, (Robert Jackson, Tour)

Ch. Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick 2001

"Dance Theatre of Ireland has broken new ground with EVIDENCE.Their incursions into territory where technology and performance can flourish have made a startling advance with video imaging now becoming a virtual dancing partner.with inventive and subtle skill..the cinematic effect is perfectly attuned to the choreographic intent.Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick's brave concept is also beautifully realised by the dancers. video design and animation (by Elena Doyle & Tim Redfern leaves us with) closing images that resemble waving panels of stained glass.. a wonderful energising triple bill."
Seona MacReamoinn, SUNDAY TRIBUNE

"Part modern dance, part theatre, part performance art, part installation, EVIDENCE is an experience not to be missed.the movements are simply mesmerising.breathtaking.a powerful evening's entertainment..leave(s) you speechless but the images will remain with you long after the lights go down. Unmissable."
Cristin Leach, RTE ACE, Arts, Culture & Entertainment

".very moving performances."
John Kelly, RTE TV 1, The View

"I thought it was magnificent."
Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill, RTE TV 1,The View

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Click here to view only human 30sec clip


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