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Ch: Robert Connor

An original dance & digital creation incorporating New Technologies, 3-D imagery and projections. An interplay of fast, fluid articulate movement on stage, on-screen choreography, visually dynamic imagery, and compelling performers. Fast-paced, articulate, sensuous, precise…awash in a tumult of energy and relationships.


“Dance Theatre of Ireland has broken new ground with EVIDENCE…Their incursions into territory where technology and performance can flourish have made a startling advance with video imaging now becoming a virtual dancing partner…with inventive and subtle skill….the cinematic effect is perfectly attuned to the choreographic intent…Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick’s brave concept is also beautifully realised by the dancers… video design and animation (by Elena Doyle & Tim Redfern leaves us with) closing images that resemble waving panels of stained glass…a wonderful energising triple bill.”
Seona MacReamoinn, SUNDAY TRIBUNE

 “Part modern dance, part theatre, part performance art, part installation, EVIDENCE is an experience not to be missed…the movements are simply mesmerising…breathtaking…a powerful evening’s entertainment….leave(s) you speechless but the images will remain with you long after the lights go down.   Unmissable.”
       Cristin Leach, RTE ACE, Arts, Culture & Entertainment

“…very moving performances…I enjoyed this … and humour too”
                                             John Kelly, RTE TV 1, The View

“I thought it was magnificent…definitely I went into a space that I’m not everyday in…it was wonderful…the music, the video…it’s not just about dance…though the dance moves in ways that are very unexpected…like looking at trees underwater…”
                               Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill, RTE TV 1,The View

 “…It is this willingness to take risks that has turned the Company into a prime force in Irish dance…even DTI’s more adventurous productions have a welcoming air of openness…in contrast to many other obtuse dance productions….the choreography of EVIDENCE moves from the light and graceful to denser movement.  Taking the idea of an instinctive sixth sense as  its central concept, the piece moves through the structural grounding points of air, fire, earth and water…incorporating digital projections by Elena Doyle…Connor & Yurick have transformed the landscape of Irish contemporary dance.  Dance Theatre of Ireland has become arguably the most respected troupe in the Country…”
                                       Karina Buckley, The Sunday Times

“…three beautifully crafted and exquisitely danced programmes that insinuate themselves into the brain and linger there suggestively…EVIDENCE is a lyrical reflection on our human states of frailty and strength…a transparent screen ghosts out images of fire,..flickerings of light and patches of calming blue white ‘souls’…a work of beauty…light and dark…TE DEUM is epic without being bombastic … …  This show is evidence that dance in this country has the ability to create a particular kind of miraculous beauty.   There is much cause for reflection here.  The images will ghost into the subconscious and seduce you there.”
                                     Patrick Brennan, The Examiner

“TE DEUM focuses on the humanity possible through physical expression….terrific presence.”
 “…EVIDENCE is a visually beautiful piece inspired by the four elements:  air, fire, earth and water…a successful blend of dance and technology…EVIDENCE explores themes of human achievement and destruction….”

TE DEUM is a dramatic duet…the dance oscillates between the sacred and the sensual….Botto displays a powerful dramatic presence and both dancers compliment each other….”

 …a substantial programme of high quality, ….an enjoyable evening of dance, combining  good performances, lovely music and high production values.
                                                  Paul Clancy, The Irish Times

…..a sexy, sensuous, exciting and, at times, totally hypnotic evening – …a magnificent evening of music, dance and theatre.  A resounding success…”
                       Joe Jackson Hot Press
“....a glorious evening of contrasts, humour, grace, provocative thoughtfulness and a degree of craft and artistry that is entrancing”
                                       Patrick Brennan The Examiner


 “Something to inspire me, and I found it, when I went to this production”
                               Ciaran McMahon, Scroll Internet Magazine

“This has been quite a year for Dance Theatre of Ireland.  It started with the excellent double bill of A Question of Distance and Cha-Cha-Cha d’Exil.   The Company’s new home and state of the art dance centre has become a huge success winning an “Innovation and Enterprise in the Performing Arts Award”.    Now, they close the year with a production of high quality…a seamless mix of both forms (technology and dance)…a visual delight, achieving a a three-dimensional effect as five excellent dancers perform behind a series of beautiful video designs….a very rich and varied evening of dance”
                     Clancy,  DANCE EUROPE, December 2001


Choreography by Robert Connor
Music by Conor Curran, Judith Ring, Arvo Paert & others; Digital Imagery: Elena Doyle & Tim Redfern; Lighting by Mark Galione and Costumes by Courtney Davies. Dancers: Blanca Arrieta, Stefano Botto, Niamh Condron, Robert Connor, Cosimo de Tommaso, JJ Formento & Adriana Sulzer-Goncalves.

EVIDENCE also includes performances of A Question of Distance and the duet Te Deum (Ch. Stefano Botto.)



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