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Examining our relationship with the Earth and each other. Using images which evoke and contrast ancient forms and modern tensions, the episodes unfold within the sparse mountainous landscpe of visual artist Robert Ballagh.

Ch. Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick; Original Music: John Ryan, Michael Seaver, Donal Hurley; Design: Robert Ballagh; Lighting: Rupert Murrray; Costumes: Paul McCauley/Helen Kiersey; Dancers: Muirne Bloomer, Robert Connor, JJ Formento, Karim Karim, Rachel Lampert, Jenny Roche and Loretta Yurick


Ch. Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick (1992)

"I'm going to plant a heart in the earth, water it with love from a vein"
Rosario Murillo

"..a beautiful and gently uplifting piece.a profoundly simple statement .elegantly executed and evocative.take time out in this dream world before it evaporates."
Brogan, Evening Press

".a standing ovation for Dance Theatre of Ireland .striking physical images.stark burnt black trees, .humans against a red hot sky.screaming totem like effigies..a waterfall created by hand held bowls.
Kelleher, The Cork Examiner

".influenced by ritualistic dances and ideas of the Hopi Indian and the Celts.joyous and positively uplifting.don't miss it."
Smith, Evening Herald

".against Robert Ballagh's bare mountain vista.beautifully lit by Rupert Murray.inspired dancing from a splendid cast."
Swift, the Irish Times

".a dreamworld...imbued with ritualistic dance and complex relationships...the work delivers its message with real theatrical flair."
Manning, The Stage and Television Today, London

"There is nothing dreamlike about the performance-it's all precision and rigour.There is a definite sense of being earthed as you watch these body images wrap themselves around the collective consciousness of the audience.the hush is audible."
Brogan, Evening Press

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