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Freedom's Gait is composed of images based on associations and observations of certain words: independence, dependence, confinement & freedom.

Ch: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick (1990)

".performances of great beauty, spirit and strength. performance to enjoy and admire. "
Tighe, Evening Herald

"exquisite style.from the expressionistic to the impressionistic.utterly assured dance work. energised by the post-industrial score.."
Moroney, IN DUBLIN

" .a testament on the poetics of space.collisions and entanglements that are technically provocative and engrossing.flying chairs, swinging ropes, venetian blinds.sensationally appropriate.gripping theatre-dance work." Theodores, Sunday Tribune

".proof of what Irish choreographers and dancers are capable not miss."
Swift, The Irish Times

"Never could I have imagined that a Dance Company could so eloquently and so movingly capture and articulate so many of the thoughts, feelings and moments of heightened reality that made up the larger part of my four and one-half years captivity

...I thank the Dance Theatre of Ireland for translating into movement those inarticulate moments and a sense confirming that we are never alone".
Brian Keenan


Ch: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick; Music: John Dunne & Eugene Murphy; Lighting: Rupert Murray; Design: Nigel Rolfe; Costumes: Mary Donnelly; Dancers: Mags Byrne, Robert Connor, Ming Yam Low, Laura Macken, Sam Usher, Antje Rose and Loretta Yurick

Photos: Stuart Smyth



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