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Ch: Robert Connor and Loretta Yurick, Willi Dorner, Philippe Saire, Marie-Françoise Garcia & Alexandre Iseli

“ amazing performance …this is the difference between a technically good performance and a performance that means something…outstanding.  I got a thrill from watching it,  hairs stood up at the back of my neck….excellent, an honest performance, dark and lusty and sexy…not in a conventional way, vulnerable … it hit me between the eyes….good stuff, this is how to get it right ....I loved the whole thing, I’d recommend it to anybody”
Breandan de Gallai, (Riverdance) The View RTÉ One

 “Smacking of reality…a thrill to watch.”
Deidre Mulrooney, Beyond Words

 “enigmatic and energetic”
Le Matin, Switzerland

“Urgent and passionate….  A fight with no winner…

…using every possible move…. the breaths of the dancers accentuate the rhythm of the music, Plastikman, Archive, and Christophe Bollondi.   The bodies entangle and entwine, stumble over each other, stand-up and embrace…
… a wonderful performance.”
Le Temps, Switzerland

“[The dancers] entwine, collide, twist, knock each other down, squash each other…. this remarkable battle… is a first class piece.”

24 Hours, Switzerland

“Scorpios is a perfect merging of the music and the dance and the personas…and the theme…something really dark and primitive about it that I loved…something really powerful…technically outstanding…ragged…made you feel nervous in a good way, where you felt that things could happen that weren’t rehearsed…. It felt like watching a painting being done or a gig happening…”
Peter Murphy, The View RTÉ One
 “Dance Theatre of Ireland and Scorpiosby Artistic Directors Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick, is the highlight”
John Kelly, The View RTÉ One

Between You & Memakes for an interesting evening, four duets from different choreographers all sharing a common thread, a fascinating counterpoint throughout…

Intertwiningis very physical and demanding…One 2 Free  has a fascinating opening sequence where the dancers use harnesses to lift and hoist each other around with careless abandon...Scorpios, the most successful piece of the evening, is sensual, attractive and beautifully danced.

The political state of the world, the atmosphere late at night as one walks through Dublin city-centre or any large urban area. ..Confrontation is everywhere ...The Lonesome Cowboy …. Memorable.”
Paul Clancy, Dance Europe

One 2 Free …the two dancers were outstanding”

Lonesome Cowboy …is a very strong piece… the ending, lying on the floor moving closer over time…like lovers that can’t talk, doing a lot of stillness very well…”
Breandan de Gallai, The View RTÉ One


What is it that makes the duet so compelling?  When it gets down to two, what is revealed?  Dance Theatre of Ireland bring to the stage a scintillating showcase of four duets created especially by the Company for the 2004 International Dance Festival Ireland.  Well known for their fast-paced and intricate partnering, they present a new duo, together with three other duets created by renowned international choreographers & performers. These include Austria’s leading choreographer Willi Dorner’s Intertwining, a seamless dance thriller for two men of action/reaction and virtuosic density.  Willie’s work is gutsy, dynamic and full of contrasts. In his innermost personality he is a choreographer working at the interface where contradictions collide…smart, sensual and witty.  Award-winning Swiss Choreographer Philippe Saire’s new work reveals bodies in perpetual discussion and examines the many intimate layers of separation and fusion.  His vocabulary mixes order & disorder, falls & jumps, flow & precision with absolute finesse.  And a new duet is premiered by Alex Iseli (Switzerland) and Marie-Françoise Garcia (France), former dancers and outstanding performers with the Company who bring a movement language rich in intelligence and ease.    Each in their own way, disclose what is possible in the physical discourse of two.

Premiered May 12, 2004, Project Arts Centre, Dublin


Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick (Ireland), Willi Dorner (Austria), Philippe Saire (Switzerland);  Alex Iseli & Marie-Françoise Garcia (Switzerland/France). Dancers: Séverine Bauvais, Robert Connor, James Hosty, Karl Paquemar, Melanie Nezereau, Alexandre Iseli, Marie-Françoise Garcia, Christian Ubl. Lighting: Mark Galione/ Krisha Piplits.  Costumes:  Suzanne Cave.

(c) Copyright dance theatre of ireland 2001, tel:+ 353 1 280 3455 email: info(at)dancetheatreireland(dot)com





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