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Ch: Rui Horta

".powerful, spectacular and thrilling, his works are always about and are portrayed by real human beings."
Tanzplatform Deutschland

"Explosive.a tremendous crescendo of energy"
Percival, The Times London

"stunning visual effects.intense and moving"
GMC English Sunday Times

"finely judged, edgy and fluid dance.thrilling and mesmerising.a deserved hit for the Company. MacRaemoinn, The Sunday Tribune

" exhilarating and thrilling work that surprises and delights.magic."
Trish Murphy, Dublin Event Guide

" a sensation akin to an adrenaline rush engulfs both audience and want to return."
MacRaemoinn, WOW

"vivid razor sharp movement. marvellously engaging and wonderfully danced."
Kelleher, Cork Examiner


MADE TO MEASURE features 3 works by Bagnolet-award winner Rui Horta, former S.O.A.P. Dance Theatre Frankfurt Director: "Wolfgange, bitte.". embodies the joy and pathos of two of Mozart's most famous works, The Magic Flute and Requiem; Pocket Ocean, a solo choreographed by Rui Horta & Anton Skrzypiciel, and Ordinary Events, set to a spine tingling drumming score by Les Tambours des Bronx.

Ch. Rui Horta (Portugal); Music: Mozart, Koen Brandt & Norbert Zacharias and Les Tambours des Bronx; Costumes: Cathy Brunner; Light & set Design: Rui Horta; Dancers: Stefano Botto, Muirne Bloomer, Robert Connor, JJ Formento, Olwen Grindley, and Erich Rudolph



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