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Ch: Pierre Doussaint & Isabelle Dubouloz (France); 1989

Winner of a Sunday Tribune Arts Award nomination

".light from darkness, fragile yet strong, a continuous poem.excellent, a spellbinding evening."
McGoris, Independent

".a vivid exploration of the forces of nature, sometimes serene, sometimes aggressive, and always powerfully dramatic."
Irish Press

"..bringing a new language to Irish dance."
The Irish Times


Ch. Pierre Doussaint & Isabelle Dubouloz; Music: Pierre Modier; Lighting: Walter Pace Set: Doussaint/Dubouloz; Dancers: Murine Bloomer, Antje Rose, Loretta Yurick, Robert Connor, Jeffrey Fox, James Smith

An inspired depiction of the power, energy and spirit of Nature

A flower is a fascinating microcosm: it draws its strength from humus, that is a concoction of all the previous deaths. It gives itself away in order to receive; it receives fertilization-both the promise of another life and of its own death. La Beaute des Fleurs recreates the process of emergence of ancient events finding their way through the bodies of the dancers.

On stage, pictures merge together bringing distinctive sceneries: Sculptures of forms of an inner world, fundamental forces that reflect the echo of acts from time immemorial. Following one year's work in Japan with Kazuo Ohno, master of Butoh dance; La Beaute des Fleurs was created by award-winning Bagnolet choreographers Pierre Doussaint & Isabelle Dubouloz. Premiered in Dublin as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival to much critical acclaim.


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