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Ch. Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick/Suzy Blok & Chris Steel (Netherlands) (1998)

".a double act throughout reflecting two sets of dynamics-the sacred and the profane, old and new.the mystical and the modern.."

".We are taken on a journey where atmosphere and movement constantly dissemble: darkness is suddenly suffused with light, sombre mood shot through with gaiety, languorous motion swept into fast and swirling dance.intensely engaging."

".featuring Pol Brennan's majestic score and the inspired delicacy of Paul Keogan's lighting.
MacReamoinn, Sunday Tribune

Riestsap, NRC, Amsterdam

".highly visual, strongly physical. times an evolution.a show which explores our ancient hertage in the form of megalithic they reflect on our contemporary world."
The Event Guide

"Superb..the entire piece impressed fans shouldn't miss this."
Miller, Sunday Business Post

"TOMBS took us back through the mists of time.the routine of the seasons and rituals of life and death."
Swift, The Irish Times

"An absorbing performance.dramatic."
Smith, Evening Herald

Ch. Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick / Blok & Steel; Original Music: Pol Brennan; Lighting: Paul Keogan; Costumes: Sabine Dargent; Set Design: Fiona Leech; Dancers: Muirne Bloomer, Suzy Blok, Inge Buyls, Robert Connor, Richard Knight, JJ Formento, Chris Steel and Loretta Yurick


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