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Ch. Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick (1996)

".a dreamily aching meditation on desire and mortality which chills you up for the cork-popping finale."

".cycles of movement, the rhythms of engagement ad separation, all building up some poetic gestural vision: the gentle oscillation between torment and comfort."

".something superb."
Moroney, The Sunday Times

"Vitality, style and professionalism giving emotional feeling to a sensuous work."
MacGoris, Irish Independent

"An explosion of primordial energy chastened by sensuous tenderness ."
O'Kelly, The Leader

".the motional energy of human relationships."
Guerin, The Big Issues

Premiered at the Place Theatre London, selected for the Bagnolet Competiton; a collage on the Body, as a means for human interaction or isolation

Ch. Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick; Original Music: John Ryan; Lighting: Steve McManus; Dancers: Muirne Bloomer, Robert Connor, Sean Dwyer, JJ Formento, Niki Hart and Loretta Yurick;Costumes: Helen McCusker and Mary Donnelly.

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