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Ch. Janet Smith, (1991)

"This production is all about dancing, but always about theatre too and very good theatre at that."

"..the dancing is robust, expansive, precise and crackling.big, bold ensemble complex duets and trios."

"Michael Seaver has created a score that has a beautifully haunting, timeless feeling about it. a brooding momentum that surges along like ancient blood pounding through veins."
Theodores, Sunday Tribune

"..a fascinating and rewarding piece about our sixth sense.full of contrasts.thoughtful, yet amusing.very moving"
Smith, Evening Herald

That feeling of knowing, being guided by intuition.knowing without reason-for which the Moon is a sometimes lost in today's world.Touching the Moon, touches that place--using poetry of Seamus Heany and original music played live by an ensemble of six.

Ch: Janet Smith (UK); Original Music: Michael Seaver; Set: Robert Ballagh; Lighting: Rupert Murray; Costumes: Chisato Yoshimi; Poetry: Seamus Heany ; Dancers: Robert Connor, Sean Feldman, Rachel Lampert, Jeffrey Fox, Cathy O'Kennedy, Jenny Roche and Loretta Yurick


Photos: Don Smith

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