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Ch. Dominique Bagouet Restaged by Les Carnets Bagouet with Dance Theatre of Ireland (1997)

".stunning.Dominique Bagouet has brought out the very essence of THE DOORS.Jours entranges offers a new vision and definition of what is contemporary dance." Guerin, The Big Issues

".boundless amounts of energy and just as much humour."
Bloomfield, IN DUBLIN

".amusing, provocative and entertaining."
Smith, Evening Herald

".a garrulous, curiously touching piece.uplifting in an unpretentious peculiarly affecting way.a fine portrayal of the alienation of younger days-with a grasp of psychology that evades many choreographers. silence and humour." Moroney, The Sunday Times

".screams of approval." Swift, The Irish Times

"An outburst of iconoclastic innocence.humour grotesquerie.hopeful despair.a devestatingly daft solo (by Muirne Bloomer) merits special mention"
MacGoris, The Irish Independent

Revealing the humour, passions, innocence and sensuality of the 60's & 70's; a cast of characters-gentle, helpless monsters .straight out of a psychedelic nightclub. Also performed at the Biennale de la Danse du Val de Marne (1999)


Ch. Dominique Bagouet (restaged by Les Carnet Bagouet) Music: The Doors Lighting: Serge Dees and Paul Keogan; Costumes: Les Carnets Bagouet; Dancers: Murine Bloomer, Robert Connor, Liz Roche, Samuel Letellier, James Hosty and Loretta Yurick

Photos: Don Smith




Photo: Marc Ginot


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