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Ch. Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick (1994)

"Maginificent. Brilliant. Superb. You could dig deep in the sack of superlatives and still not do justice to this modern dance production.I have never seen an audience so totally transfixed."
Richards, Evening Press

".sexually charged passion at breakneck speeding movements and violent voluptuous lifts."
Kelleher, Dance Europe

".love, loss and the war zone of sex.a riot of disparate visual information"
Moroney, The Sunday Times

".gifted direction finds an extraordinary subject.powerful, searing."
McLaughlin, Sunday Independent

".radio interviews .with people who were 90 years old.from the sensual to the violent. A triumph not just for Dance Theatre of Ireland, but for dance in Ireland.very moving."
Richards, Evening Press

Ch. Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick; Original Music: John Ryan; Lighting: Paul Keogan; Set: Ian McNichol; Costumes: Mary Donnelly;Projected Photos: Tony Higgins; Dancers: Muirne Bloomer, Robert Connor, JJ Formento, Martin Bowes, Jenny Roche and Loretta Yurick.

Fuchsia Duet Excerpt 1

Fuchsia Duet Excerpt 2


"FUCHSIA .in Irish 'Deora De'- God's Tears "FUCHSIA.the flower.exquisite yet ordinary "FUCHSIA.the color passion " original dance theatre creation


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