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Ch: Martine Pisani (FR)

With jubilant detachment, Dance Theatre of Ireland bring alive a very beautiful work called (appropriately) "Slow Down", choreographed by the Paris-based choreographer Martine Pisani. In this playground for six dancers, Slow Down explores the insignificant troubles, the practical jokes, the awkwardness, and the barricades that make human relationships come alive. Other worlds come to mind: Charlie Chaplin's or Jaques Tati's. Six characters reveal secrets and obstacles of a public performance during a stage séance, outlining what it means, "to be on the stage". Their hesitation, lost orientation, inarticulate declarations, and even sophisticated movement sequences in a "non-dance" style, discretely find irony in the everyday demands of discipline, creativity, concentration and ardour. Deliciously fun.

Slow Down: Ch. Martine Pisani (France) Dancers: Robert Connor, Lee Davern, Eneko Balerdi Eizmendi, Alex Iseli, Karl Pacquemar, Tania Pieri; Costumes: Nicola McCutcheon; Lighting : Ludovic Riviere/Paddy McLoughlin


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