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Nature Moves

Dance Theatre of Ireland have launched a new educational dance programme called “Nature Moves” a multidisciplinary outreach programme aimed at increasing young people's physical fitness, connection with Nature, and  creativity  through dance. 

Through Nature Moves, students will engage in 12 hours of professionally facilitated dance and Nature activities (in local environments) for 6 weeks and will be guided to create dance projects, using Nature as inspiration and dance as the creative medium.    

Educators report that young people are manifesting greater physical, social and emotional problems as lifestyles are dominated by screen and text based communication and sedentary leisure activities.  “Nature Moves” proposes  educational, physical and creative activities that benefit young people with lifelong skills for engaging with the outdoors and physical activity.
The concepts behind “Nature Moves” are supported by:
     *  Richard Louv’s “Last Child in the Woods” (, who has created a national conversation about the disconnection between children and nature or the "nature deficit"; 
     *  Research on Dance, Health and Well-being (;
     *  The ethos of The Pushkin Trust, teachers reports and
     *  The social and emotional benefits of time spent in Nature and time creatively spent with others dancing. 

Other Dance programmes available

In addition, we continue to offer expert teachers for dance workshops for all ages and experience levels in a variety of styles. We can provide  teachers who can conduct:

1.  Multiple workshops culminating in an informal performance

2.  One-off dance workshops 

3   Dance Styles include Modern/hip hop, Dance 'n Fitness/Body conditioning, Michael Jackson style dance, Ragga Dance hall, Ballroom/Latin, Body Percussion and more

Dance Theatre of Ireland deliver high quality experiences in educational outreach dance locally and nationwide.

The objectives:
          • Teach skills for creativity and increase physical fitness through the outdoors and dance;
          • Encourage greater connection with Nature and its health benefit.
          • Promote positive social interaction.
          • Boost self confidence.
          • Build community and connection with nature in local environments.

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